Anime Blog Awards

Being the lazy bun that I am, I will just copy and paste the relevant stuffs here for a quick look through. More info at the official website.

The Anime Blog Awards is a bridge to highlight the best blogs in their various genres. We hope that the awards can celebrate the excellence of great anime blogs within the anime blogosphere. We also believe that this award will fulfill its desire to promote new or excellent blogs that should be given more attention.

Requirements for the nomination:
1) Only English language blogs can be nominated.

2) Self-nomination is not allowed.

3) You must register with anime blog awards with your blog nickname and blog address to nominate.

4) In order to nominate, you must own an anime blog. It must be created before 1st Feb 08 and you must at least write one post in March 2008.

5) You may nominate up to three blogs in each category.

6) Nominated blogs must be created before 1st Feb 08 and have a minimum of 5 blog posts. At least one post must be made from 1st Mar to 1st Apr 08.

7) You may nominate the same blog for different categories. However, a nomination for a blog in the wrong category will be considered null and void, e.g. nominating Danny Choo for the Episodic Blog category, or Random Curiosity for the Editorial Blog category.

8) You do not have to nominate blogs for all the categories. However, you are required to fill in at least 9 nominations in 9 different categories in order for your nomination to be accepted.

9) Nominations ends on 22nd Apr 08 with the top 5 blogs in each category qualifying as candidates.

10) Voting starts on 25th Apr 08 and end on 1st June 08.


Below are the categories and the choices I have made.

* Best Episodic Blog for Mobile Suit Gundam 00

* Best Editorial Blog

* Best Team Blog

* Most Influential Blog

* Rookie of the Year

* Funniest Blog

* Best Satire Blog

* Best Figurine Blog

* Best News Blog

* Best Dorama
* Best Manga Blog
* Best Seiyuu-Orientated Blog
* Most Thought-Provoking Blog
* Best Blog-related Comic
* Best Art/Doujin/Visual Novel Blog

Err… I have a shameless request. If you find that hey gordon’s blog doesn’t suck that bad, I will be delighted if one is kind enough to nominate me for Rookie of the Year. Of course I don’t expect to win, I’ll be on cloud nine just being nominated. Haruhi bless you. This is totally up to your own free will and I will definitely 100% guarantee not threaten to write your name inside my black notebook.


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8 Responses to Anime Blog Awards

  1. Alafista says:

    LOL your blog is just 2 months old. Kinda too young to be even a rookie, maybe infant =P

    Though I like some of your articles, like the one from the chinese news article on eva movie. Keep it up.

  2. puppy52doll says:

    oh thanks for the recommendation on ebichu LOL oh man 😛 not suitable for kids indeed but so cute and crazy at the same time ^^;;;;

    good luck with the blog awards thingie!

  3. gordon says:

    alafista, thanks for the encouragement. the rookie awards requirement says one’s blog must be less than a year old. created before 1st Feb, have a minimum of 5 blog posts, at least has one post from 1st Mar to 1st Apr. this humble blog fits all of them. ^^; if not next year i won’t be able to run for rookie as i will be over a year old.

    anyway anyway i hope your blog wins best news cos i enjoy reading your articles. and Furu Anime Panikku looks like a hot contender for rookie. ^^;

  4. gordon says:

    chun, i hope u enjoyed ebichu as much as i did. it never fails to make me laugh out loud. anyway the seiyuu for ebichu is the same seiyuu for Misato Katsuragi, one of the main characters in Evagelion. ^^;

  5. Azz.Jr says:

    hey gordon can i add your blog to my blog?? my blog is if i can just leave me a comment on my blog^_^ Many Thanks Azz.JR

  6. gordon says:

    sure Azz.Jr no problems.

  7. Impz says:

    I am glad that the blog awards does give some awareness to everyone ^^ I hope you do well. If you win or do not win, I am sure the increased exposure will do you good ^^

  8. gordon says:

    thanks Impz! never expected u to drop by. i’ll work hard. ^^;

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