Camilla Belle, The Only Reason to watch 10,000 BC

Few days ago I talked about the movie 10,000 BC. Although it’s kinda lame and historically incorrect, I guess the only good thing that came out of the movie is the cute cave girl Camilla Belle.

She is rather unknown but do you know that more than 10 years ago she actually acted in another movie about prehistoric creatures as well? Remember in the opening scene of The Lost World: Jurassic Park where this little girl was attacked by a group of compsognathus? That’s her!

Hi there little fellow, aren’t you cute?

Are you hungry?

Look what I found Mommy?

They aren’t cute anymore when you find out they have sharp teeth and eats little girls for breakfast.


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14 Responses to Camilla Belle, The Only Reason to watch 10,000 BC

  1. puppy52doll says:

    ho! she has certainly grew up a pretty woman!

  2. gordon says:

    yes indeed chun, she’s the reason i didn’t fall asleep in the cinema. ^^;

    btw, in the movie she has blue eyes but in real life her eyes are hazel. which are equally beautiful. ^^

  3. Choo says:

    WOAH! now thats what i call western hot!

  4. Prim3 says:

    So pretty! O_o

    Ok.. Now I got a reason to watch the movie.. 😀

  5. gordon says:

    choo, yes she’s pretty but me like asian beauty more. ^^;

    prim3, lol. if u are watching the movie, stay till the finale where she will be wearing some semi-revealing outfit. (‘~’)

  6. Timotei says:

    She looks gorgeous, her eyebrows are a bit thick for my taste though. ^^;

  7. Mizunaga says:

    @Gordon, Heh, I prefer Asian beauty as well ^^;

    BTW- she’s wearing a dress(?) in 10,000 BC? ^^;

  8. Panther says:

    WTF she has grown up so hot! Time flies.

  9. gordon says:

    Mizunaga, yes she’s wearing fabric. which of course doesn’t exist in 10,000 BC. lol.

  10. dice says:

    Oh Hi Gordon, dropping by to say Hi too! LOL :3

    Yeah her being in eaten in Jurassic Park 2 and the recent appearance in 10K BC just kinda reminded me how old I am now. -.-!

  11. gordon says:

    hi dice! welcome to my humble blog. oh btw, the little girl didn’t die in the jurassic park movie. ^^;

  12. D_Blade says:

    Hmmmm, royally cute.

  13. dice says:

    Horror! I thought she died! LOL. Ok so I have a short memory. But hey I have a GOOD short memory okay! hahaha! LOL -.-!

  14. Anonymous says:

    yeah she’s really a looker! check out her gallery:

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