Singapore Efficiency Part 1

What you see here is a portion of a pavement near my house. The awful looking marks looks like bicycle tracks and footprints made when the cement is still wet. As a civic minded citizen, it is my duty to report this to the Town Council so that they can do something about it.

I have already sent an e-mail on Moday (10th March) to the authorities with the location and the picture attached. Now let’s see how long they take to attend to my feedback.


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9 Responses to Singapore Efficiency Part 1

  1. D_Blade says:

    Guess some people are too dumb to realize it’s not Hollywood… You know the place where celebrities put their prints in cement: feet, hands, face and whatever else.
    Yeah, gordon, frame them ruthlessly!!

  2. Abao says:

    I predict: they wont come.

  3. Mizunaga says:

    LOL @ abao. I’m interested to know if they’ll come or not ^^

    Coz I know the Malaysian bandaraya definitely won’t. (Unless they’re in a good mood)

    Perhaps I should try this? This effeciency test. ^^;

  4. gordon says:

    d_blade, i LOLed your hollywood comment!

    abao, have faith. they will come lah, the last time i feedbacked a similar case, it was fixed within a week. but seeing how it kept raining these few days, i foresee it won’t be fixed so soon.

  5. Panther says:

    They fixed something? News to me.

  6. gordon says:

    i received an e-mail today from the town council saying they have referred the case to the Land Transport Authority (LTA). like that then i think it will take a month…

  7. Panther says:

    LTA? Worse and worse. Push the buck around, why not? So typical.

  8. puppy52doll says:

    looks kinda artistic (LOL) I like when there’s dog foot prints on it 😛

  9. gordon says:

    chun, lol. i don’t know artistic but someone might trip and fall.

    btw 10 days passed still no action. 😦

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