Singapore Pedestrian Crossing

This got to be the shortest pedestrian crossing in Singapore (the world as well maybe?). It even comes with red man stop, green man walk traffic lights. ^^;

Photo taken (with my crappy camera phone) at Queen Street outside the Singapore Art Museum.


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7 Responses to Singapore Pedestrian Crossing

  1. Sai978 says:

    I was here yesterday.. Didn’t notice it was there.

  2. Panther says:

    Ha why did they even bother. Not like most people use ones that are hardly major anyway here.

  3. Squee says:

    I usually just jaywalk… it only takes like 3 steps to cross that street -_-“
    I’m sure there’s other roads that can make better use of those traffic lights…

  4. gordon says:

    it’s a one way road, there’s hardly any traffic and yes one can easily cross over within a few steps. the traffic lights is really redundant. haha.

  5. Mizunaga says:

    .. We rarely have those pedestrian crossing lights. And even if we do, everyone just jaywalks. :0

  6. D_Blade says:

    Do you triple jump when passing this crossing? I’m sure you could. ^^

  7. gordon says:

    yes i did d-blade . i even beat the traffic lights. ^^;

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