Bandai to raise price of Gundam model kits

Keroro is shocked by the news of rising price of gunpla.
Thanks to ottbot for the picture. ^^

Read from Gunota few days ago that prices of gunpla might increase very soon. >.<

ITmedia News reports Bandai is looking into a mark-up on the price of Gunpla. According to the news, the reason for this is a steep rise in the cost of materials as a result of high oil prices. When the change in pricing might occur, exactly what merchandise it will affect, and how much it will be is not known. Bandai’s PR department is quoted as saying, “The details haven’t been decided but there is a change in merchandise specifications which has added cost to new parts & booklets for Gunpla and we will be repricing.”

A week ago, <a href=”
” target=”_blank”>Aoi Model Shop, a blog said to be run by an employee in a hobby shop on the outskirts of Akihabara, claimed there would be a 10-20% increase in HGUC and MG kit prices beginning around May. Oil prices were cited as the reason. Furthermore, the site said it looked as though old merchandise would also be marked up as it was reissued. As with the official news, it was said there were details yet to be settled.

Me better stock up on MGs before the rise come. >.<


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17 Responses to Bandai to raise price of Gundam model kits

  1. Abao says:

    Remember these words: Bandai/ Sunrise is evil. Bandai/ Sunrise is evil. Bandai/ Sunrise is evil.

  2. Squee says:

    I’m fine with them increasing the price as long as the quality increases(hopefully less seamlines)
    and only on new products.

  3. D_Blade says:

    A nice way to boost sales for now… But those oil prices affair may be true after all… *Sigh*
    (Like I like to say time after time, customers are always on the losing side)

  4. gordon says:

    lol abao, if Bandai/Sunrise is evil, then it is a necessary evil. at least to gundam fans. ^^

    squee, yes i don’t mind paying more for quality as well but 20% seems a bit too much. let say the average price of a normal MG kit is $60, 20% more will mean fans have to pay $12 more. orz

    d_blade, if bandai increase the price to boost sales instead of covering the rise in oil prices, then i’m very disappointed. 😦

    maybe they can consider using recycle paper for their booklets and boxes to save cost.

  5. double says:

    Now you’ll see hordes of Gunpla hobbyists rushing for a last minute sweep before all the price for the older kits rise.

  6. Leefe says:

    Prices of everything’s rising. =/

  7. marvin says:

    love the image of kero. ^^

  8. rokku says:

    Well, price is rising.
    that why the rise it too.
    Too bad the pay doesn`t rise.

  9. gordon says:

    double, that’s exactly what i’m doing. guess the price hike will affect MG kits the most since they are not cheap.

    Leefe and rokku, yes everything rising except my pay. 😦

    marvin, glad that u like it. a friend shot it for me. ^^;

  10. Sai978 says:

    damn… and here i am browsing for a hobby store in Singapore, just to find the latest Gundam model kit available…*sigh* one thing leads to another, oil price-material-labour cost-shipping…

    btw Im going to Singapore in about 8 hours..


    Sai of Brunei

    p.s. It’s a good thing I catch on this news quick, check my URL to see some of my Gundam collection, and drop a comment while yer at it (^^

  11. gordon says:

    welcome sai. worry not. the price hike is still unannounced. if you are looking for a gundam shop in singapore, i recommend Hobby Art Gallery at Sunshine Plaza. it’s a short walk from Douby Ghaut MRT. but you might not be able to find the latest models available as it will most probably be sold out.

    btw, i think u forgot to leave your URL.

  12. Sai978 says:

    *Feeling so… baka* i think thats my webbie,Sunshine plaza huh? im staying in Lion city hotel, the air conditioner is freaking cold…
    Oh hey yeah i forgot, where do you buy graphic novels around here? I’ve been wandering around (One of the reason is the arcade… heheheh) the hotel area but couldnt find any, d’ya think I might go to Orchard road?

    Mattaku… (–‘

    *currently re-watching Genshiken volume 1*

  13. Sai978 says:

    I’ve found the shop, but to my surprise it was closed… on MONDAY… WHyyyyyy…..anyway there’s another shop just outside the plaza called M Workshop? I FOUND ARMORED CORE!! (^^ I ran in the rain just to get to that store hahaha, the fun of collecting those figure, neither snow or rain heheh

  14. gordon says:

    so sorry sai, i forgot to tell you that the gundam shop in sunshine plaza is closed on Monday. my bad. >.< do visit on another day if possible. as for graphic novels, if u are referring to Japanese manga then most of them sold here are in Chinese. for american ones i recommend kinokuniya bookstore in takashimaya in orchard road. it’s the biggest bookstore in singapore. sell a lot of Japanese and American comic there.

  15. Sai978 says:

    I went to the M workshop again and this is very confusing since I wanna buy 3 robot unit

    1. Gundam Exia PG 1/60(yes, perfect grade)

    2. Robot Generation Series, I can’t remember the name but it was a robot inside a bigger robot external armor

    3. Armored Core RayLeonard Aaliyah

    Then I realized the armored core had some parts available i.e. legs, core, arms, weapon system etc.

    I’m in a bind… (–‘

  16. gordon says:

    sai, the 1/60 exia u bought is not PG. it’s just bigger.

  17. Sai978 says:

    forget about the 3 unit… I ended up with Armored Core 010 CR-C98E2 Nineball ver.

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