Wing Gundam Zero Progress

Hi! My name is Saber. I’m here today to update my master’s blog on his behalf as master is very lazy busy. My master wants me to show you all the progress of his Wing Gundam Zero which I’m holding in my hands. Korekaramo ganbatte kudasai master! ^o^


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13 Responses to Wing Gundam Zero Progress

  1. Danny Choo says:

    Well done! you got more done than me so far ^^;

  2. gordon says:

    well danny i don’t prime my models so that kinda saved me some time. currently practicing spraying colours with spray cans.^^;

  3. D_Blade says:

    Very lazy? I’ll keep that in mind. *laughs*
    Looking good so far!

  4. gordon says:

    yes d_blade i’m lazy, no i’m mean busy. ^^;

  5. Squee says:

    Ah you’re lazy like me ^^;
    I use lotsa of shortcuts on my kits too..

    btw I got my G’s festival delux from Kino…price was a ripoff but I didn’t want to risk it being out of stock in KKnM.
    anyways I might still drop by KKnm tomorrow at their opening time jus to see if they have got anything interesting.

  6. gordon says:

    thanks squee for the info, me will drop down tomorrow after work to get mine, hopefully it will still be available by the time i reach. ^^;

    how much is it anyway?

  7. Squee says:

    I paid 82 for mine…it’s a ripoff but I don’t want to miss such a great issue….
    Anyways I’m sure KKnM will sell it at a lower price.

  8. gordon says:

    $82!!! O_O

    must be the dakimakura cover that contributed to the high price. and i thought those goodies were supposed to be free… 😦

  9. Panther says:

    Yo Gordon, came here from Other than KKnM got another shop you probably already know, La Tendo. I just did a feature for it on my blog. I should think their second Wonfes shipment is coming in tomorrow but anyways, do have a look at the feature. Thanks!

  10. marvinryan says:

    at least you don’t paint the parts while on their runners. ^^ although I gotta say, your post makes we want to go out and get an MG wing zero as well. ^^

  11. gordon says:

    Panther, me go take a look at your blog now. ^^;

    marvin, yes u should get one too since bandai is gonna rise the price of gunpla soon. 😦

  12. Jacques says:

    Seeing your MG Wing Zero suddenly puts me in a dilemma whether to stick to Wing Gundam Ver.ka or choose the Wing Zero Custom instead.

    With the impending price hike, I’ve gotta make a decision soon.

  13. gordon says:

    Jacques, i like the design of wing zero more. don’t really like Wing Gundam Ver.ka. but that’s just me. ^^;

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