Singaporean Buddies Wins Amazing Race Asia 2

Left: Adrian Yap. Right: Collin Low

Never got the chance to watch Amazing Race Asia 2 since it is only shown on cable (which I don’t have). Read in the papers lately that the duo from Singapore, Collin and Adrian, emerged winners for the second season.

(Did some reading online and found that Adrian is hearing-impaired and Collin communicates with him through sign language.)

One notable mention is that one leg of the race took place in Japan where teams are given a digital camera with a picture of a female cosplayer in a maid costume. With it, teams must head to Mark City shopping centre in Shibuya and find the girl in the picture in order to get the next clue.

Collin and Adrian looking for the correct maid

Collin and Adrian found the maid. Smile!

The maid hands over the clue ( and her msn maybe. ^^; )

Congrats to the both of them. Hope the show gets to be shown on national TV soon.


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4 Responses to Singaporean Buddies Wins Amazing Race Asia 2

  1. Setsuna-san says:

    damn…. why not akiba?

  2. gordon says:

    Setsuna-san, i’m wondering the same thing too. ^^;

  3. Rokku says:

    i saw the last race in AXN.
    Is really a touching moment when they win.

  4. gordon says:

    rokku really? too bad me no cable. orz

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