Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone

Evangelion fans in Singapore will be delighted to hear that the first of four films will be showing at Cathay Cineplexes on 13th March. Not sure whether other cinemas are showing though. Can’t find it on Golden Village’s website. Anyway the first film will cover episode 1 to 6 of the anime TV series.

The new ending song “Beautiful World” is performed by Utada Hikaru (love the song) and you can be view the music video (with footage from the movie) here. Lyric in Japanese and English here.

Me definitely will catch it. ^^;


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8 Responses to Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone

  1. Setsuna-san says:

    no news of this being released in Malaysia yet. *sobs*

  2. gordon says:

    setsuna, the DVD will be released in Arpril. We can look forward to that. ^^;

  3. Squee says:

    Great news! I’ll try to watch it on the release day;)
    If only I had a plugsuit to wear….

  4. gordon says:

    squee, see u on opening day then. i’m going to the Cathay, can visit KKnM, Hobby Art Gallery as well since it is nearby. ^^;

    you wanna wear a plug suit? i prefer seeing girls wearing them. ^^;

  5. Squee says:

    One bad thing is that I’m supposed to be working on the release day… but I’ll try to make my way to the Cathay…

    As for the plugsuit… I really mean a NERV shirt.. that’s the closet I got -_-;

  6. wcloudxkumo says:

    oooooo,I’m so going to watch this ^^ 2 more weeks!!

  7. gordon says:

    wcloudxkumo, see u on opening day. coming to the cathay as well? ^^;

  8. wcloudxkumo says:

    Yeah, going Cathay to watch with my classmates after my classes ends in the afternoon ^^;

    Just hope there’s a time slot available on Thursday afternoon XD

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