L: Change the World

Now showing in theatres. Saw this movie poster in the papers with Misa on it. Did some research online and found out that Erika Toda’s Misa character will indeed appear in the movie as a cameo. The image of Misa in this poster gave me a sense of déjà vu as it looks exactly the same as in the Death Note: The Last Name poster.

Didn’t see her on the movie website or on the Japanese posters though.


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7 Responses to L: Change the World

  1. squee says:

    Sorry to spam here… I’m replying to your question about the Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe Volume 2.
    I was at KKnM today and was told that this issue will be coming in at the end of the month, I got no idea how mush it’s gonna be but is expecting the 50-60s range…

  2. gordon says:

    thanks for the info squee, must we pre-order it? ^^;

  3. ed says:

    budget poster eh? practically just flip that old misa pic.
    haha. erica toda’s so cute!!! XD

  4. squee says:

    I forgot to ask if need to pre-order it… I’ll ask tomorrow when I go down to pre-order my Figma Haruhi…. been there 3 times this week cos I keep forgetting to get stuff…

  5. gordon says:

    ya erika-chan is really a cutie. i believe the distributor photoshop her into the poster to attract more fanboys to watch the movie. ^^;

    thanks so much. say hi to sharon for me. ^^;

  6. Squee says:

    Gordon: It should be coming in this coming Thursday or Friday. You may want to reserve a copy just to be safe but no actual need to do that.
    There isn’t an estimated price as well

  7. gordon says:

    thanks squee, so i just go over to the magazine section and try my luck? ^^;

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