Gundam Kyrios

Finally completed Gundam Kyrios.

Loved the griping claw.

Gundam kyrios is able to transform to flight mode. Here it is zooming past an unsuspecting school girl in short skirt. ^^,


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4 Responses to Gundam Kyrios

  1. uchihachien says:

    been wanting to ask u, but keep forgetting.
    wd u use to colour the shoulders of kyrios? gundam marker? or can spray?

    the other time i tried to colour grey on white with gundam marker, turned out really fugly. lol

  2. gordon says:

    i use permanent marker since the surface area is too big. then i use gundam marker to colour the fine area/edges etc.

  3. ALJ says:

    Umm, may I ask what colour Gundam marker did you use for panel lining? Black or Grey?

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