Singapore Ghost Town

The Chinese New Year festive holidays is the only time in Singapore where 3/4 of the country is shut down and people just seems to varnish out of thin air.

Majority of shops are closed. The ones that are open are 24-hours convenience stores like 7-Eleven, fast food restaurants and petrol stations.

Kinda like the movie “I am Legend”.

Even the neighbourhood clinic that opens till 12 midnight daily is closed.


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7 Responses to Singapore Ghost Town

  1. rokku says:

    Remind me of a I Am Legend and Resident evil.
    Anyway, happy chinese new year to you

  2. gordon says:

    thanks rokku. ^^,

  3. Abao says:

    happy new year gordon.

    which area u live though? couldnt identify from the shops :S

  4. gordon says:

    happy new year to u as well abao! i stay in juring. feel free to stalk me if anyone wants to. ^^,

  5. Densha Otoko says:

    That Happens a lot here in KL as well , Especially at Low Yat , its like the whole place is closed there .

    Jalan Bukit Bintang is Jam-free and lots of Chinese Restaurants and Techonology shops are closed .

  6. yunamon says:

    Same thing happened here… Except a majority of the non-celebreating civilians come out and gather in front the closed shops… ^^;

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