The above picture was taken last week while I was on my way to China Square Central. Upon stepping out of the train station, I was upset to see rows of trees along Cross Street chopped down. The area where the trees originally resided were then cemented like the picture below.

I really don’t understand the rationale behind chopping down the trees along Cross Street. It’s not like they are hindering or obstructing anyone. It’s rather sad to see increasing numbers of trees been chopped down around Singapore. 😦


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2 Responses to Trees

  1. Abao says:

    I tell you why. After that epic storm that happened in November 18, which saw large numbers of trees snapping, the NEA got scared and started chopping down all big trees. Or cutting all their branches to make them regrow.

    If they had planned for this and planted shorter and sturdier trees, these wouldnt had happened… …

  2. gordon says:

    the trees along cross street aren’t that big at all. if what abao said is true, then i’m disappointed to see that the government always take the easy approach to slove things. by removing them.

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