Asuka’s Road Trip

Photos taken with the Nikon COOLPIX P5100

It was a boring weekend morning. Asuka was getting restless so she decided to go for a spin on her bike.

Singapore may be small but there are actually quite a few exotic places like this lagoon Asuka found on her outing.

The weather was scorching hot and what better way to cool off the heat than taking a dip in the lagoon? Without further hesitation, Asuka proceeded to unzip her suit to reveal her voluptuous assets. ^^;

After a brief swim, Asuka received a call on her mobile phone. It was her manager reminding her that she has a photo shoot later in the afternoon. Asuka sighed. Life’s tough juggling fighting giant Angels and her modelling career. With one last look at the clear blue sky, Asuka suited up and zoomed off into the distance.

Special thanks to LatecomerX, eagle and hlw8888 who helped with the Photoshop editing. Your free lunch will be mailed to you within the next few days. ^^;


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2 Responses to Asuka’s Road Trip

  1. Kintaro says:

    Heyy Gordon what’s going on? Of course I remember you. Whenever I have time I could redo your mascot, that one I did was just a quick sketch ^^ Great pictures, and great figure. Not sure if I’m suited to say this, but welcome to the blogging world!

  2. gordon says:

    Hi kintaro! Thanks for dropping by. ^^;

    Thanks for the welcome as well. Ya I’m new to the blogosphere, there’s still plenty to learn. ^^;

    Maybe I should come out with a name for the mascot as well. ^^,

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