Lucky day

Today as I was heading towards an ATM to withdraw money, I saw two $50 notes at the ATM’s cash dispenser slot.


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5 Responses to Lucky day

  1. secretzone says:

    at the ATM? hmm need to report to police i guess.. 😛

    but anyway it means more gunpla!!

  2. wcloudxkumo says:

    lol, lucky indeed :p

    I bet you’re keeping it XD~

    You can get yourself a Unicorn Gundam with that hehe :p

  3. gordon says:

    i bought a new camera yesterday. ^^,

  4. Abao says:

    wah so lucky ar ^_^

    bless me with TOTO luck then.

  5. BukitBatokBoi says:

    wow… lol.

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