Evangelion-01 Test Type

Ok I lied about saying the next post will be in 24 years. ^^

Anyway this is my 1/100 Evangelion-01 Test Type which I bought 3 weeks ago (at a bargain). This kit was released not long ago in late 2007 in conjunction with the release of the new series of Evangelion movies showing in theaters.

Finally finished modeling it yesterday. Overall other than some sharp edges and some parts which doesn’t seems to able to fit tightly, this new kit is quite decent as the parts and colour are pretty accurate.


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4 Responses to Evangelion-01 Test Type

  1. Danny Choo says:

    Congrats on your own blog!
    Although you will probably find that starting out with wordpress will save you time in the future ^^;

  2. gordon says:

    Thanks danny for the first comment! A warm welcome to my blog. ^^;

    I’ll see how everything goes. Am still playing around with the various features. (‘~’)

  3. Setsuna-san says:

    Congrats on getting your own blog!! I expect nothing but the most random and insane posts from you!!

    added you to my blog roll. mind linking me back? thanks.

  4. gordon says:

    a warm welcome to you too Setsuna-san. no problems bro, already linked up your blog. cheers!

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