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Preserving the history since 2008 :D

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AFA Thailand Collaborate With Bangkok Comic Con

Organisers of Anime Festival Asia (AFA), the region’s most established experiential festival for Japanese Popular Culture, announced today partnership plans for Thailand and Indonesia in 2015. As part of its regional expansion plans, AFA will partner BEC-Tero True Visions (BTTV), a joint venture company formed by Thailand’s largest pay TV operator True Visions and the country’s largest concert and live events promoter BEC-Tero – the organiser of Bangkok Comic Con, to jointly develop popular culture events in Thailand and the region starting 2015. AFA Thailand will be held with Bangkok Comic Con in April 2015

AFA TH and Bangkok Comic Con collaboration

AFA TH and Bangkok Comic Con Collaboration: (from left to right) Mr Shawn Chin (SOZO’s Founder, Managing Director and Anime Festival Asia’s Executive Festival Director) and Mr Ongard Prapakamol (BEC-Tero True Visions’ Managing Director)

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Good Knee High Day


Today Nov 28 is known as いいニーハイの日 which translate as Good Knee High Day

So how does all this came about? Read on to find out.

Nov 28 = 11-22

1 = i
11 = ii = いい which means Good

2 = ni
8 = hachi which somehow along the way can be read as hai
Katakana of High = hai

so there you have it, 11-28 = ii ni hai = Good Knee High

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Her name is なあ坊豆腐@那奈. Google her.

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Asia Anisong-Singer Audition


The Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) Committee will conduct auditions at South East Asia’s largest Japanese popular culture event, Anime Festival Asia 2014 (AFA2014), to discover the next breakout Anisong-singer.

The Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) will conduct a preliminary round of screening, following which two rounds of auditions will be held in Singapore. The grand prize winner will be decided through the final audition at AFA2014’s main stage on 7th December 2014.

The winner will secure a performing contract with a Japanese record label as one of their anisong-singers, and will perform globally, while primarily being based in Japan and Singapore.

Aspiring talented singers who love Japan, anime and anisong, and wish to hone and showcase their talents on an international level can send their applications in from today till 14 November 2014 (2359 hrs). Details of this global audition project to unearth the next Anisong singer, starting in Asia, are in the Annex. For more details or apply for AAA, members of the public can check out .

AFA2014 will be held from 5 to 7 December 2014, at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre Level 4. For more information on the festival, members of the public can check out and

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Dollfie Dream Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Ranka Lee


Pre-order starts November 2014.




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Pop Culture Crossovers


Some very nice crossover arts. More after the jump

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