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Star Wars Lego

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Move Along Gordon Move Along

One of my prized procession is this autographed photo of Anthony Forrest. To Gordon, Move along… move along” Anthony Forrest “Sandtrooper” Who is Anthony Forrest? Answer after the jump.

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Singapore Blog Awards 2009 Party

So yours truly’s humble little blog was nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 and last night there was a awards presentation party held at the Supperclub. 昨晚出席了 新加坡部落格大奖颁奖派对。

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Here’s a beautiful piece of fanart drawn by my talented (long lost) imouto. o(^.^)o So who is my imouto?

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Today, let’s talk about Sandtroopers.

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TK8316 on Hot Chicks with Stormtroopers

Wow what do you know? TK8316 got featured on Hot Chicks with Stormtroopers (HCwS), a blog about well hot chicks with Stormtroopers. ^^;

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Darth Vader Balloon

Saw this awesome hot air balloon featuring everyone’s favourite Dark Lord on Facebook not long ago. It’s so cool isn’t it? ^^; Find out more about the inspiration behind the Darth Vader balloon and how it became an reality here. … Continue reading

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